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A History of Building a World Vision

A Word From the President

The "British Weekly" religious journal once carried on its masthead the following statement of editorial policy:

"In things essential, unity;   in things doubtful, liberty;   in all things charity."

This represents the overall Philosophy and Policy of the California Pacific School of Theology. It welcomes to its precincts of learning men and women of all nations and denominations. Its creed is the Classical, Conservative, Evangelical creed of the Church. It traces its heritage through Spurgeon and Ryle, Wesley and Whitefield, Edwards and Owen, Calvin and Luther, Augustine and Paul. We make no apology for our ancient faith.

Our methodology, however, is innovative. While our faith belongs to the First Century, our procedures are those of the Twenty-First Century. Our creed is timeless and timely. We are not interested in changing the faith, but in proclaiming the faith. Such proclamation is geared to the communication systems of our contemporary society.

It is our aim to produce Christian personalities identified by the twin distinctives of scholarship and spirituality. The local church is high on our priority list, and we wish to supply it with men and women skilled in the expertise of God's word. When the school is detached from the church it frequently issues in a fruitless and barren intellectualism. When the church shuns the school, it neglects the profundities of the Gospel and trivializes the great truths of the faith. Academia and ecclesia need to be together. Our hearts belong to Him, and so do our minds.

We should never forget that one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence was a minister of the Gospel. Historians have referred to him as "the man who shaped the men who shaped America." His name was the Reverend John Witherspoon. He was a teacher to a U. S. President and a Vice President, 3 Supreme Court Justices, 21 Senators, 29 Congressman, and 56 State Legislators.

Part of the minister's task today is to teach and train the leaders of tomorrow; this is what California Pacific School of Theology believes and believes with passion.


Glory to God alone