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CPSOT Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

in Christian Theology

The Bachelor of Arts program is designed for Christians who desire to study and apply the Scriptures within their life and ministry.
The overall goal of the program is the preparation of students to be effective witnesses for Christ and to develop biblical thinking and application in their lives.

Requirements for the Bachelors Program

An applicant for the program must comply with the following:

This degree is recommended for those who seek specialization in Theology.

Pastors, Teachers, those engaged in lay ministry, or anyone desiring to study God's word more comprehensively, will benefit greatly from the knowledge and guidance acquired.

All applicants must possess a High School diploma or its equivalency, and demonstrable reading and writing skills as are necessary for coursework submissions.

Those enrolled in online coursework shall also possess computer skills commensurate with online instructional requirements.

This degree is the desired prerequisite for the Master of Arts in Theology degree.

Program Requirements
Department Credits Series
Theological Studies 21 100
Apologetics 12 200
Old Testament 12 300
New Testament 12 400
Church Ministries 12 500
Biblical Counseling 9 600
Chrisitan Education 9 700
Church History 9 800
Communications 6 900
General Electives 42

Tuition and Fee Schedule
Application $150.00
Unit Tuition $125.00
Student ID $25
Library Access TBD
Graduation ( Bachelors ) $325.00
Dissertation Proctor N/A

*Note: Graduation fee includes diploma, hood, thesis or dissertation binding, rental of cap & gown, and group photo.