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Master of Arts

in Christian Theology

The Master of Arts program is designed for Christians who desire to do advanced work in the area of Biblical knowledge, exegetical methodology, or Christian Theology. The overall goal of the program is the preparation of students to be effective witnesses for Christ and to serve the Local Church or the local Christian School.

Requirements for the Masters Program

An applicant for the program must comply with the following:

A. This is a two year program (full time) and requires 72 units beyond the Baccalaureate Degree, of which, up to 36 of these units may be transferred from an acceptable institution of higher learning provided the curriculum requirements are similar. (Should it be the case that prior coursework and or degree do not meet similar curriculum standards, acceptance into the program will be determined by a review to ascertain whether preparatory coursework is required). All applicants must be able to demonstrable reading and writing skills as are necessary for coursework submissions. Those enrolled in online coursework shall also possess computer skills commensurate with online instructional requirements. The student must maintain a grade point average of 3.0.

B. A thesis of 50-75 pages is expected on a subject approved by the Dean of the School. A time limit not to exceed three years will be allowed for the completionof the thesis following the regular course work outlined in the catalog. In lieu of a thesis, 6 extra units (78 total) may be taken with prior approval by the Dean.

C. The applicant must complete all application procedures including the provision of official transcripts from all colleges and seminaries previously attended, showing degrees awarded.

D. Classes may be taken online or be a combination of online/distance learning & classroom.

Program Requirements
Department Credits Series
Theological Studies 6 100
Apologetics 6 200
Old Testament 6 300
New Testament 6 400
Church Ministries 6 500
Biblical Counseling 6 600
Chrisitan Education 6 700
Church History 6 800
Communications 3 900
General Electives 21

CPSOT also offers a Masters Degree in Biblical Archaeology, by special arrangement with the approval of the Dean.

This program has the same number of unit requirements as the M.A. in Theology, although the department unit requirements may vary.

Also there is the availability for the applicant to provide evidence of participation in archaeological fieldwork for evaluation towards credit for unit requirements.

The opportunity for expeditions in the field may be available.

Tuition and Fee Schedule
Application $150.00
Unit Tuition $125.00
Student ID $25
Library Access TBD
Graduation ( Masters ) $425.00
Dissertation Proctor $200.00

*Note: Graduation fee includes diploma, hood, thesis or dissertation binding, rental of cap & gown, and group photo.