CPSOT | History

California Pacific School of Theology

A Brief History

  • 1969

    Seeds Before Roots

    Our current 1998 charter belies a shared history that goes back to 1969, when the California Graduate School of Theology (Cal Grad), was founded, by Dr. William Steuart McBirnie, operating from campuses in Glendale, and Rosemead, CA.

  • 1987

    Branching Off

    At the time of Dr. McBirnie's departure in 1987, a Korean interest purchased the school, relocating to Garden Grove, California where it continues to operate as Cal Grad to this day. It was the sale of the school that prompted a group of former Cal Grad administrators and faculty members to come together and establish a new institution, California Center for Theological Studies (CCTS). Under the leadership of Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, CCTS shared facilities with First Baptist Church in Maywood, California where Dr. Thomas served as senior pastor.

  • 1998

    Cal Pacific

    In 1997, following his retirement at First Baptist Church, Dr. Thomas was again looking to relocate the school, and the opportunity to move back to its original founding location was taken up. In 1998 CCTS was rechartered in Glendale, California under the new corporate name, "California Pacific School Of Theology."

  • 2008

    Another Decade of Excellence

    Many of those who served on the faculty of Cal Grad, and CCTS, made the move to United Community Church in Glendale and continued to teach while other alumni of the school have been added to the teaching roster and staff. This facilities use arrangement continued until the fall of 2008 at which time it became necessary to relocate the School once again.

  • 2020

    Current Courses

    Since then, classes have been offered at a couple of different locations on a short term basis. We have also initiated online/directed study; distance learning type classes, which we have made our focus, pending the procurement of suitable facilities arrangements, at which time we will resume physical classes.

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